Clarity and transparency for the American Irish Day of Joyousness

3 Facebook posts between 3/17 and the end of class on 3/19 (not counting Response 16 which will be due on 3/19–see below regarding the strange check-off list thing).

2 Tweets due today, 3/17–one on your 500-word response (#15) and one at the end of the class–an overview of joy and learning.

2 Image uploads to FB–one image of Frankenstein and one from Dorian Gray–film, illustration, silly, fun, meme-ish–whatever. Name them and juxtapose them somehow–if you don’t post them together–then say something about why they are similar or not.

1 Strange check-off list thing. You will imagine that you are in a relationship with one of the book’s characters (Frankenstein or Dorian Gray) and fill out the checklist–on the back, write your name, the character’s name, and a bit about what the relationship is: friends, more-than-friends, doctor/patient, teacher/student, family, police/criminal, etc. Be creative and have fun with this. Also, write a bit about HOW this relationship started–put yourself in the book. You will use this as Response 16. You’ll need to take a picture of the form and load it onto FB–front and back–then you can say something about it in a FB post. (Anyone not in class today will need to do this on Wednesday–so come prepared with a smart phone camera or use a friend’s phone. I have an iPhone, so I can help with this, too.)


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